The healthcare sector is one of the biggest and significant areas in the states; it forms an important part of the culture of America. The increasing education on the subject of health and prevention in the population allows for management of this sector to have a very high rate of growth.

• Healthcare benefits from an aging population.

• The healthcare sector also has a higher and more stable return on equity than the broader market. Healthcare stocks have traditionally declined less than the overall market in downturns.

• Given its superior earnings growth and return on equity.

• The healthcare sector typically trades at a premium to the broader market.

• The business structure designed fits with the criteria to allow foreign investors in the health industry.

• The insurance companies are looking for high quality services that have a positive impact on healthcare beyond simply the medical facilities. 

Healthcare is one of the most interesting, constant and profitable investments currently available to investors based on the growth data presented in recent years by the Urgent Care Association of America
• The service requirements in Urgent Care have increased up to 96%

• The construction of new locations has increased 87%

• It is anticipated a growth of 90% for new centers.

• 73% of Urgent Care centers provide exclusively emergency care.

• Urgent Care serves an average of 3 patients making a total of 32 visits per day.

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